Upcoming Events/イベントのお知らせ

Beach Opening Event
長須賀海水浴場 海開き by TSUNAGARI
Miyagi, Japan 宮城県南三陸町歌津

After 3 months of Beach Cleaning by thousands of volunteers, finally Local Kids in Utatsu area can bath in their own Nagasuka Beach! How wonderful! We are going to cook Yakisoba and Gyoza. Thank you so much for your help, Sun Noodle and Kourakuen!


Sports Recreation Fair
スポレクやっぺし by Global Sports Allience
Iwate, Japan 岩手県大船渡

We get together with kids in Ofunato to have big fun, such as Soccer, Tennis…and enjoy Yakisoba when you get hungry!


1095061_461963863900342_1659058948_n08/01/2014 – 08/02/2014  7:30pm-10:00pm
Palolo Hongwanji Bon Dance
Palolo Hongwanji in Honolulu, Hawaii ホノルル パロロ本願寺

We, Move4Japan will join Bon Dance Event to cook Yakisoba and Little Bazaar in our office for fundraising for Tohoku!



Activities during Tohoku Visits
Hand Crafts
Beach Clean
Removal of Debris from Tsunami

Activities in Hawai‘i
Fundraising in Honolulu (Yakisoba, Car Wash)
Beach Clean
Palolo Show Room
Beach Inspection by Snorkeling


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